Will Always Like That

We all aware nowadays that social network such as Facebook and Twitter has two distinct sides; to be useful and sometimes it can also be a bit frightened by all hoax and misinterpretation. These things affect the way we thought and make decisions. For example tremendeous reaction over Hillary vs. Trump or recent news on November 4th in Jakarta – Indonesia, regarding gubernatorial election.

In Indonesia, race and religion are still becoming a strong political tool to control the masses, especially those who are innocent and uneducated. Like opium addicted, they follow something “sacred” without dare to criticize in order to fullfill the desires of the leader or religious chttps://i.ytimg.com/vi/6DiEVUSrRqE/maxresdefault.jpgleric they serves – which is we know it is only about status and power. Some people misused it, because of greed and wealth addicts.

What makes me wonder here, leadership achievement and benevolence are less important than morality builded upon religious intention. It seems political candidates look more approachable when they performance exactly like a religious cleric. “Come on, we are not going to pray in the mosque!” in this regard, if we compare to another Abrahamic religion, Islam is still far from civilised, we can give a try how they may treat LGBT people or women’s position in society or interpretation of jihad, a lots of homework that Islam need to reform.

To some extent, I agree that religion should be separated from the government. People of different color, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity supposed to have the same rights to lead the country as long as the citizenship status is not arguable. Because when we talk about Indonesia, immediately we talk about diversity. So, when there is an election, I would consider to look at the competency based on job description, instead of what is the religion of the candidates.

Lastly, I would say: Sorry, there is no room for Sharia Law or Wahhabism here in Indonesia! At least not for me. Our country it’s completely different from the Middle East.




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