Mastering the language without being ashamed; the key to learning

FullSizeRenderIn my opinion Bahasa Indonesia is very easy to learn actually. Because it is not depending on tense like English or die-der-das in German language. It is evolving language and has integrated many words from other languages, such as Portuguese, Dutch, English, Sanskrit, and Arabic. So, huge possibility of Bahasa Indonesia become an internationally-spoken language.

Especially I’ve heard the news that a new government regulation will require foreigners who holds a KITAS (residence permit) to learn the Indonesian language. Even though, it has pro and contra reactions, there is logical reason behind this policy. Indonesian students and workers, on the other hand, need to prove their English skills through IELTS/TOEFL if they want to study or work abroad. I think it is a fair decision. As I remember get rejected twice by two international universities abroad because of my IELTS score was not enough. I was sad and cursed myself, because of my difficult situation to find a scholarship was not as lucky as other Indonesian students who got supported by their wealthy families. As everybody knows to do IELTS/TOEFL tests also it can be very expensive.

Since elementary school I have learnt English actually, but it takes a lot of time and courage to practise. Also I learnt French, because I get inspired by International singer, Anggun, who is originally from Indonesia before she received French citizenship. And I also learnt Italian language, because get tempted by hairy sexy Italian men at that time. However, both of French and Italian languages are fading over time, because it have less practised. Right now I also decided to learn German in Goethe Institute for studying in Germany. I heard that German educational system is more affordable for foreign students. I wish Dutch educational system also to impose in the same level as German, especially for Indonesian citizens who was colonized by Dutch for 350 years.

In addition, I found joy by learning other languages, especially the digital era like Facebook or Twitter nowadays to make people easier to obtain thousand information from different countries and different languages. Talking in the same language, however, has potentially misinterpretation, and this can be the worst situation while some people from different cultures and languages to gather in the same place with their lack of knowledge to communicate. This condition I have experienced with, while one of my German friends could not speak English when travelling to Indonesia, neither do I have not spoken German fluently. So, we had a tough argument about things that make me once emotionally said, “English is also not our mother tongue, but I get to used it, especially when I do travelling abroad! So, whether you speak to me in Bahasa or English, or not at all. Because don’t expect me to speak fluently German in Indonesia!” my friend just nodded. After that we relied on Google translator to communicate, although there were many grammatical mistakes. But we laughed it.

So, last but not least, we should be thankful for our language teachers to teach us patiently. And for me, to be good learners are willing to make mistakes, so don’t be ashamed to practise whenever possible.


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