What life means to Indonesian Transgender

480px-A_TransGender-Symbol_Plain3.svgPeople who live in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta have earned amount of money in many ways, they could become for example as parking attendants, peddlers, beggars, buskers, or prostitutes. Selling sex is not only made up primarily of men or women, because transgender people could be a part of it.

Why do transgender/transsexual people tend to involve in sex work? Of course because there are limited access in formal workplace who want to take them in, even though they might have ability to work. For example transgender women, their presence is often related to informal job like beauty salons, bridal make-up artists, or model. Some of transgender/transsexual people, however, have ability to work in the office, instead of to primp, so why then don’t give them a chance?

Can you imagine to live in a society where religion is most likely as the moral frame of reference for whatever you do, and then being a transgender usually considered a sin. Consequently, it will affect their lives and will be uprooted their rights. So, their lives without job and decent education. Therefore, most of them to sacrifice their bodies for men’s desires which some of their guests are hypocrites – insulting the existence of transgender people, but at the same time are attracted to them behind the cloak.

Yes, we have to admit that prostitution has been around before divine religions growth. Many tragic and touching stories, however, have happened by someone who struggles to sell their bodies sexually, it is barely no exception towards transgender people who may have had no opportunity to get a job in the formal workplace.

International programme and organisation such as UNDP, HIVOS, and others, in which ways most of job description offered by them still need to know how far representative of transgender people being part of their programme? Possibly gay and lesbian are most likely to hold important rules in formal workplace, because they don’t have significant problem with their gender identity like transgender do in general. Ironically, when to point out LGBT themes in the public, transgender people or “T” tend to be the only victims targeted by organisational survey. But when will transgender people truly to be part of formal workplace as a professional figure, instead of being an object of the survey?

As a writer myself, I would like to see that transsexual people also have a chance to be politician, the House of Representative (DPR), secretary, or as a doctor or teacher rather than a clown on television. Although some transgender people have educational supports, but if job vacancy are not available or permitted for them is the same thing as zero.

Hence, I think, the Indonesian manpower sector need to enhance job opportunities to be more gender friendly based on diversity of gender. To my knowledge, someone who work in formal sector may use their brain, instead of genital. Except those requirements are the same from prostituting your body in order to earn money.


One thought on “What life means to Indonesian Transgender

  1. Hi mbak Jane,
    Nice article, we share the same view though ” I think, the Indonesian manpower sector need to enhance job opportunities to be more gender friendly based on diversity of gender”
    Any chance we could elaborate more? i’m doing this little research on Transgender entrepreneurship in Jakarta.

    Let me know if we could discuss this in near future, i’ll bring coffee and cupcakes 😀

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