Most surprising moment…

I made a surprise today! My family didn’t know I’ll come to Medan this morning, until my father greeted me at the door and shouted loudly to mention my young sister, “Wulan…. Kak Jane datang!” My father he did not believe that was real, he wiped his face many times, my mom expressed spontaneously the same, “Kak Jane mana?” astounding comment of her. I am so glad it works!

By the way, it was the first time also I touched down Kualanamu Airport Medan during its new operation. My first impression was not incredibly open-mouthed. Still, I caught a clumsy things. Overall was fine, except there was story where I met a western couple had conversation with airport bus driver, those “bule” shocked while the airport bus driver said one hundred thousand rupiah cost from airport to Amplaz terminal, I have no idea it might be the driver has lack of english skills or just want to get some extra money, I then came approached them that the price actually just ten thousand rupiah. Because honestly I feel guilty if there was not in the right track (just imagine if I were in that position while travelling overseas).

That’s my story today, have a wonderful evening! Keep calm and carry on.


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