The Politic Triggers; Religion, Sexuality, & Morality


To debunk inside someone’s head and motive is not easy as you listen to what the word goes through, everybody could talk otherwise, most politician do as well. In society, it happens starting early age, while we were just born into the world, where you would be able for the first stage to say “mama” and “dada” to the right parents.

However, adult’s world has been grown to the reality as opposed to flawless baby. Being an adult person should be able to keep his/her mouth in certain way, not just talking, but think firstly. That’s mature people live. It’s complicated, everybody potentially use their mask to face the world.

Religion, gender roles, and cultural values as parts of grown-up people have to deal with, that comes in our society, how skin colour you have, or your religion, your sexual preference, or anything has responsibility to make the environment works.

No wonder, those value tend to be a great trigger for politician in order to get more public attention, believe it or not, just take a look some of example, barely head of Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Khalil Ridwan claims “Haram – Forbidden” to see Lady Gaga Concert, obviously what did he say would make significant impact to public, becomes trending topic on Twitter immediately. Another example, few weeks ago, President Obama’s former transgender nanny, Evi (Turdi) flew up to the public, and becoming controversial story, or fuel prices issue recently run over the world, including Indonesia, that many people think fuel hike could be worst to them, especially poor people, despite the government will consider direct cash assistance (BLT). As for previous experience, some people think BLT is not the right solution.

To sum up, who you are, or what is on your head actually, every policy must be based on TRUSTWORTHY! As a citizen of Indonesia, I mean it. Just tired to see many cruelty in this country. Peace…



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